Jonas Brothers announce new album

Jonas Brothers, the well known boy band,, are hatching a plan to unveil their brand new album at the end of this year, says Joe Jonas. He has been in the recording studio with brothers Nick and Kevin.

Twenty-two year old Joe told that the group is arranging a brand new material that may release sooner than the fans anticipate. According to reports, recently, Joe told that the album will be unveiled before the end of this year. They have got some scopes this year. One might listen it there only.

True love for Nick Jonas

Their affair lasted merely for ten months but Australian singer Delta Goodrem genuinely had feelings for her younger ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas.

The twenty seven year old "Voice Australia" judge was candid on Australia's 60 Minutes show about ten month old relationship with the nineteen year old Disney star. When asked her about the seven year long relationship with ex member of Westlife Brian McFadden, the songbird owned up that she wished that they separated long time back. She said that both of them were completely different individuals.

Jonas Brothers to be a part of a reality show

Well, let’s confront it: As a group, Jonas Brothers have been melting into pop culture abstruseness for quite a while now. Lines, Vines and Trying Times, their last album was unveiled about three years ago and in the year 2010, their show ‘Jonas L. A.’ was called off by Disney Channel.


Pop star Nick Jonas has been asked to stay inside after matinees of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” The reason for this has been is that Nick brings traffic to a standstill. Nick said that though he would love to go out to greet people, yet he has been advised not to go out because of traffic purposes. It is to be noted that Nick is performing in the current Broadway production of "How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying." Outside on 45th street, many of his fans were waiting for him to emerge after his afternoon show but he did not.


Nick Jonas, the American musician and actor, is really an over engaged guy. His band, the Jonas Brothers, is on the verge of reunion.

But, more than that the star is also beginning his Broadway go in ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.’ Recently, Nick Jonas sat with the Advocate to speak about gay fans, gay bullying and gay marriage, while hanging about to promote his persona.


Nick Jonas has been recently speaking about the dance moves he has been attempting in his new videos. Jonas told MTV he was really excited about the gig. “It’s a great role and I got to get my dance on a little bit, so I’m going to figure that out,” Jonas said. “I did some salsa dancing; just went out and did some salsa dancing, which was a really fun experience and, I think, kind of got me moving a little bit. So I’m feeling a bit more comfortable than I did before and I’m excited to get out there and do the whole Link Larkin thing.”


Miley Cyrus shocked onlookers as she destroyed a photo of Nick Jonas in front of global audience. Miley was performing the song '7 Things', which is rumoured to have been written about Nick, and while she was singing her fans help up a picture of Miley and Nick from the music video.

Miley took one of the pictures from the fans, held it up in the air and then ripped it up!


Selena Gomez is all set to perform alongside her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas. she’s wearing sensible shorts under that glitzy pink mini-dress. The perky Disney star, 18, did a turn at the Concert for Hope in California. She is usually glued to the lips of Justin Bieber but he’s off touring Europe. And the singing foetus will no doubt be delighted to see his girl on the same bill as her ex Nick Jonas.


Nick Jonas has said that his brother is his inspiration in order to work on his music.

Jonas, who starred in a West End production of Les Miserable last year, is keen to get back to his pop roots and produce for other artists.

"I've been in the studio a lot lately," he told MTV. "Basically writing and producing for other people. It's not for me or my brothers right now. Joe is doing a solo record and that's taking up a lot of his time and opened up my ear a lot."


If you weren’t able head over to London to see Nick Jonas‘ stint as Marius in the popular musical Les Misérables, you’re in luck because the 25th Anniversary performance will air on PBS March 6, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The singer spent a portion of last summer living in London and performing in the hit musical. The 18-year-old even met his new gal pal, Samantha Barks, while starring in the production abroad.