Jonas Brothers ‘no more’

Nick Jonas has confronted a whole lot of drama in his career in recent few weeks since he and his bros cancelled their tour at the very last minute in the midst of rumors that there is a huge rift among them. With the brothers now breaking the band (musically, we can assume), Nick Jonas has made it to the movies with his brand new movie seeing the singer strip down to tiny swimming wear.

Nick Jonas kisses Olivia Culpo

Nick Jonas is not a stranger in dating hot women. Now he is seeing one of the seeing most beautiful lady in the world - Olivia Culpo. Nick gave his Culpo a little kiss on her lips while watching the US Open 2013 on 3rd September.

Twenty year old Nick and Olivia, 22, could not stop themselves in locking their lips as they were watching the tennis match at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows in Queens in New York. The new couple was on a double date with an established couple  Joe Jonas, Nick's brother, and his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler.

Nick Jonas meets the family

It appears that singer Nick Jonas' relationship with Olivia Culpo, the beauty pageant winner, is really getting serious. According to reports, the youngest of the popular Jonas Brothers already had a bite with his lovely girlfriend and her family members at her Rhode Island home over the weekend.

The new pair and their retinue stopped by a local eatery named Iggy's Doughboys & Chowder House on 25th August, Sunday evening. General manager Chris Cifelli reportedly told that they ordered chowder, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, calamari and chowder.

Jonas Brothers set to release their next album

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas have returned. The 5th studio album of the Jonas Brothers will be unveiled sometime later this year, and when they have already listened to the energetic “Pom Poms” off the brand new album, now they were receiving another treat with “First Time!”

“First Time” is very slower and smoother song compared to “Pom Poms.” The band members got a bit more emotional with the new track, as they sing regarding allowing your heart control the mind and make it feel like the 1st time. The band also sung about staying in the moment and saluting to the good life.

Nick Jonas speaks about his relationship with Miley Cyrus

Recently, Nick Jones revealed that he and former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus are still good friends. In spite of the fact that Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus were never caught up for lunch Nick told that they are still really very close.

The Twitter world went into a meltdown in March when one of their fan stated that she had allegedly seen Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus on a cosy lunch date recently - around the time when Miley Cyrus was struggling with her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth.

Nick Jonas on South America tour

The Jonas Brothers have left the United States. At present, the entertainers are traveling for the next part of their tour; therefore Nick, Joe and Kevin will be in South America on Tuesday. While their fans might not be happy to see the boys take off for a long trip, those people in South America could not be much excited to hear the tour is about to start.

Jonas Brothers’ fan sues them

A woman from Los Angeles filed a suit against Jonas Brothers saying that she was badly hurt during a fan crush by the band in 2010’s May. A leading entertainment website reported that Ashleigh Johnson stated that she was severely crushed against a security wall by the fans during a free show in the afternoon by a bunch of fans at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Jonas Brothers perform at a reunion tour

American boy band Jonas Brothers performed at their reunion tour a few days back. The event took place before the beginning of their three nights stay in EI Lay. The boy band took over the stage at the famous Pantages Theatre in Hollywood and sang some of their personal favorites like S.O.S and Burnin’Up. Also they sung some of the old songs of their album.

Nick Jonas Admits Miley’s wedding Bells are Ringing

Nick Jonas of Jonas Brothers fame admitted that he might be in love with Miley but it is more like friendship. Buzz is that Nick has written a song about Miley again though they have broken up. The Jonas Brothers visited Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to share a talk about their new album. ON show Ryan brought up the news that their new album ‘Wedding Bells’ is about Miley Cyrus after Miley made it public.

Jonas Brothers’ Lovebug still one of the most cherished

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