Manila Symphony Orchestra starts Music for Young Minds initiative

With their aim to bring music to the young people, Manila Symphony Orchestra would launch a very special event named Music for Young Minds on 19th August, Tuesday, at 3 pm at Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, Cultural Center of the Philippines. The event would feature children from humble beginnings, but of highly exceptional ability.
In that very evening, along with Ayala Foundation Inc’s Center for Excellence as well as McDonald’s Philippines, the MSO’s event would host an interactive familiarization with classical music, and also perform selections of their Season Concert No. 3 Konzerfest. The Cultural Center of the Philippines agreed to waive the rental of the venue.
Carlos Garchitorena, the MSO’s marketing manager, told that they expect that this project lasts and blooms; it opens more doors for young Filipinos, whose natural predilection is to develop, unfettered by the disorganized and sometimes cruel world out there. With music, they could find order and harmony, search a place as among an orchestra, or recognition for individual achievement.
To know how you can back Music for Young Minds, you can call the MSO 523 5712 or you can email at - or phone.