Eminem and Rihanna visits Russell Industrial Center, reports

A Eminem/Rihanna Monster Tour preview might have taken place at Russell Industrial Center in Detroit this week. Both music stars recorded a video at 2.2 million square foot place with a banging 7 buildings, as per various tweets, photos as well as Facebook posts online.

Instagram and Twitter users claim that Rihanna was in Detroit earlier on Monday to work with the rap king before next month's series of gigs. Reportedly there are snaps ranging from a picture of Rihanna allegedly landing at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Wednesday. Allegedly, the shoot was going on inside.

However, there were no words from the Rihanna and Eminem camp as of now. The operations manager of the Russell Industrial Center Eric Novak would not deny or confirm the reports that an Eminem – Rihanna shoot took place when contacted late on Thursday by a leading website. Eric stated that Dennis Kefallinos owned The Russell always had a great relationship with the rap king.

Last fall, Eminem shot the video of his Rap God track, and it is up for an MTV award in Best Hop Video category.
Speaking about Eminem’s use of The Russell, Eric told that he was thrilled, he was really thrilled, Eminem is obviously one of the utmost professional artists to come in. He added that they were more than happy to have Russell Industrial Center available for him anytime.